Current Case of the Week 2024

2024 – 12/Jun10
A female patient in her 60s had an incidentally diagnosed right kidney mass. CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis showed a lower pole exophytic hyperdense renal mass with some calcification, 18x24mm. During a few months period of surveillance the patient had a fall, followed by flank pain and haematuria, however, repeat CT scan did no show increase in size of the mass. She subsequently underwent robotic right partial nephrectomy.
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2024 – 11/May 13
74 year old female with a partial nephrectomy for a left lower pole mass measuring 2.7 cm. Imaging revealed solid left lower pole mass anterior to hilar vessels with enhancement and diffusion restriction
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2024 – 10/April 29
A patient in his early 30s underwent surgical removal of a with a 6.5-cm mass
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2024 – 09/April 15
30-year-old male patient presented with 2 episodes of right flank pain and gross hematuria to the ER. MRI showed a 10 cm solid mass in the upper pole of the right kidney with associated hemorrhage. The patient is otherwise healthy and denied any other medical or surgical history. He underwent a right partial nephrectomy without complication. The photomicrographs presented are from this resection specimen. (Figures: 1.MR imaging, 2. Gross morphology, 3. Histopathology of the tumor, 4. PAX8 immunohistochemical stain, 5. CK7 immunohistochemical stain, 6. Vimentin immunohistochemical stain)
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2024 – 08/March 25
A male patient in his 50s underwent robotic radical prostatectomy for prostatic carcinoma. The index tumour was present in the right posterolateral peripheral zone, Grade Group 2 (Gleason sore 3+4=7, 20% Gleason pattern 4). The images are from different regions in the left posterior aspect towards the base, both within the prostate and in extraprostatic fat.
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