Current Case of the Week 2023

2024 – 05/February 19
A male in his 30s presented with a right testicular mass and a retroperitoneal necrotic mass. The testicular mass is intratesticular in imaging. A right orchiectomy was performed. Gross examination showed a 2.2 cm white tan firm well defined mass with central yellow necrosis.
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2024 – 04/January 22
Male patient in his 80s with gross hematuria
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2024 – 03/January 15
49-year-old man with two tumors in the right kidney. One tumor was a clear cell RCC and the second tumor is illustrated in the images.
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2024 – 02/January 8
A 27-year-old man presented with a left testicular mass found on self-examination. Orchiectomy was performed.
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COW 2024 – 1/ January 1
Prostatectomy specimen from a patient in his early 80s with GG5 adenocarcinoma.
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