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Current Case of the Week 2023

COW 41/November 27
67-year-old male with history of prostate cancer s/p radiation treatment. Transurethral resection of the prostate is performed.
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COW 40/November 20
A male patient in his 80s undergone circumcision for phimosis.
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COW 39/ November 13
58-year-old woman had a left sided breast cancer, which was treated with mastectomy and chemotherapy. During the follow-up they found a mass in her left kidney. Nephrectomy was performed.
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COW 38/November 6
A male in his 30s presented with a few days history of right testicular pain. Clinically there was subtle swelling of the right testis. Ultrasound examination showed multiple heterogeneous lobulated low echogenicity lesions replacing the testicular parenchyma, 17mm to 23mm highly suggestive of testicular neoplasm. Serum AFP, hCG and LDH were normal. CT scan of the chest, abdomen and pelvis was normal. The patient underwent radical orchidectomy.
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COW 37/October 30
A 55-year-old male presented with pain in the right flank for the past year. On CT scan, a right renal mass with metastasis to the liver and enlarged lymph nodes was noted. A cytoreductive tumor nephrectomy was done and the specimen sent for histopathological examination to our center. Histological examination showed a malignant neoplasm with two different morphologies.
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