Interesting cases


A female in her 60s had a radical nephrectomy for a kidney mass in another country 20 years prior. Imaging for unspecific abdominal pain revealed an incidental enhancing lobulated solid and cystic mass in the previous nephrectomy bed, 40 x 20 mm. Figures 1-6 are from a core biopsy of the lesion. Figure 7 shows the intraoperative view of the retroperitoneal mass (A) and macroscopic image of the resected mass (B).

A female in her 60s underwent biopsy of mass in a previous radical nephrectomy bed.

Contributors :

Laurence A Galea (1), Christopher Joy (2), Charles Han (3), Benhur Amanuel (4)
1. Department of Anatomical Pathology, Melbourne Pathology, Sonic Healthcare, Victoria, Australia
2. Department of Cytogenetics, Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology, Sonic Healthcare, Queensland, Australia.
3. Department of Urology, Epworth Eastern Hospital, Victoria, Australia.
4. Anatomical Pathology, PathWest Laboratory Medicine, Western Australia, Australia.

Twitter handles: @DrLaurenceGalea