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2019-33 / September 30

An 82-year-old male with a prior history of rectal adenocarcinoma (treated surgically, followed by adjuvant chemo and radiation therapy) and upper tract urothelial disease (treated with a right sided nephroureterectomy) was recently diagnosed with penile cancer.

2019-32 / September 23

69-year-old male with an elevated PSA and a cluster of somewhat dilated glands on prostate needle biopsy (images 1-3: low and high magnification images & PIN-4 IHC triple stain); images 4-5 depict a similar cluster in a prostatectomy specimen from a different patient.

2019-31 / September 16

A 53-year-old woman presented with right upper quadrant fullness, increasing abdominal discomfort and a dull ache on her right flank over three months. Subsequently, she underwent excision of a large retroperitoneal peri-pancreatic solid and cystic mass, measuring 17cm in greatest linear dimension. This neoplasm did not appear to involve the adrenal gland. Histopathologic examination revealed a paraganglioma.

2019-30 / September 9

A 78-year-old male underwent a transurethral resection of the prostate and representative images are shown.

The immunophenotype is as follows:

Positive: CK7 & focal, patchy expression of CK20, CKAE1/3 and CK-HMW

Negative: NKX3.1, PSA, PSAP, P40, GATA3, synaptophysin and chromogranin

Retained: PTEN

2019-29 / September 2

A 4 year old boy presented with gross hematuria and a solitary bladder mass was identified on a renal/bladder ultrasound.   Cystoscopic biopsy confirmed malignancy, and a partial cystectomy was performed.  Representative H&E images and an immunostain for INI1 are shown.   The tumor was also negative for pan-cytokeratin, EMA, S100, desmin, myogenin, myoD1, and CD34. 

2019-28 / August 26

Representative images of transurethral resections of bladder tumors taken from a 33-year-old male have been depicted.

2019-27 / August 19

74 year old male presenting with gross hematuria and a bladder mass on cystoscopy.

2019-26 / August 12

A 30 year old male who  immigrated from Africa presents with gross hematuria. Cystoscopy and biopsy are performed.

2019-25 / August 5

A 55-year-old female was found to have a 5.9 cm solid-cystic renal mass. Representative H&E images and an immunostain for Cathepsin K are shown.

2019-24 / July 29

26-year-old male presents with a “fibrous plaque” of the penis associated with curvature.  The patient undergoes surgery for presumed Peyronie’s disease at which time the surgeon excises the plaque material. The tumor is Keratin-positive. The immunostain shown is INI-1.

2019-23 / July 22

A 33-year old male with a prior history of a desmoplastic medulloblastoma was found to have a 1 cm left testicular mass on follow up. Representative images of this lesion are shown. The immunophenotype is as follows:

Positive: SF1, S100, CD68 and vimentin

Negative: calretinin, inhibin, CK AE1/3, CD31, CD34, SMA, melan A, HMB45, CD163

2019-22 / July 15

65-year-old gentleman presents with elevated PSA. Transrectal biopsies performed.

2019-21 / July 8

25-year-old white male presents with large renal mass with pulmonary metastases.   A nephrectomy was performed. SDH B immunostain is shown.

2019-20 / July 1

35-year-old female presents with hematuria.   She has a history of hypertension.  Cystoscopy revealed a 3 cm bladder mass and transurethral resection was performed.   The tumor is positive for GATA3 and synaptophysin.

2019-19 / June 24

 A 69 year old male presented with a 9.2 cm well circumscribed renal mass.

2019-18 / June 17

A 58-year-old male presented with urinary obstruction and elevated PSA of 12 ng/ml. He underwent transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP).

2019-17 / June 10

A 78 year old man presented with a mass in the left seminal vesicle. A cystoprostatectomy was performed.

2019-16 / June 3

40 year old male with a 9.5 cm cystic and solid renal mass. All images are from the radical nephrectomy specimen.

2019-15 / May 27

A 65 year old male with a bladder mass. Transurethral resection is performed.

2019-14 / May 20

84-year-old male with a history of follicular lymphoma, melanoma, and a 3.6 cm kidney mass, present with inguinal lymphadenopathy. Images are from biopsy of left inguinal lymph node.

2019-13 / May 13

54 yo male with a testicular mass. By immunohistochemistry, tumor cells are positive for cytokeratin AE1/AE3, desmin (perinuclear dot pattern) and WT1.

2019-12 / May 6

A 70 year old man underwent a 12 part needle biopsy of the prostate due to elevated serum PSA levels. In one part, an atypical focus at the end of the needle biopsy was noted.

2019-11 / April 29

A 57 year-old male underwent radical prostatectomy for Grade group 2 prostatic adenocarcinoma diagnosed on biopsy. Upon microscopic examination, a glandular lesion was identified in the left anterior prostate, in addition to a large tumor nodule of Grade group 2 cancer in the right posterior.  The following images are representative of the left anterior lesion which showed strong and diffuse staining with PAX2 (shown) and racemase, and negativity for PSA and WT-1. 

2019-10 / April 22

 A 67-year-old male with a 2.9 cm organ-confined renal mass.

2019-9 / April 15

A 65 year old man presented with a 3 mm nodule in the bladder.

2019-8 / April 8

A 35-year-old male presented with a 2-week history of discomfort and enlargement of the right testis. He was eventually treated with a right orchiectomy which revealed involvement by seminoma. Subsequently, he presented with early retroperitoneal relapse while on surveillance.

2019-7 / April 1

40-year-old female with a 4.5 cm solid and cystic renal mass. Images are from the radical nephrectomy specimen.

2019-6 / March 25

A 54 year old man presented with multiple bone metastases and a mass involving the bladder neck. A TUR of the bladder was performed. On outside stains, the tumor was negative for CD138, kappa and lambda light chains, CD56, CD45, CK7, HMWCK, AE1/3, desmin, and GATA3. Stains performed at our institution were positive for NKX3.1, P501S, PSA and negative for GATA3 and Uroplakin II. E-cadherin was lost in the tumor.

2019-5 / March 18

The cut surface of the kidney reveals a diffusely cystic appearance in an adult (Case 1) and in a separate pediatric patient (Case 2), respectively.

2019-4 / March 11
A 43-year-old male presented with a painless testicular mass. Representative histopathologic images and results of molecular testing are shown.

2019-3 / March 4
A 25 year old man was found to have a 5.0 cm. paratesticular mass.

2019-2 / February 25
A 79 year old male underwent a TURP due to obstruction. The tumor was stained at the outside institution and was diffusely positive for high molecular weight cytokeratin and negative for PSA, PSAP, GATA3, synaptophysin, with a ki67 of 90%.

2019-1 / February 18
68 year old male with large bladder mass. Transurethral resection is performed.

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